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Case Study

Independent Optical Practice,

County Kerry 


Year 1


To analyse and develop the existing business. 


  • Full business analysis and development strategy.

  • Complete operational policies and procedures developed.

  • Renegotiated with all suppliers

  • Identified new revenue streams

  • Micro managed the business on all fronts to ensure delivery of the above.

Year 1

  • Increased turnover and profits by 128%

  • Reduced costs by 22%

  • Implemented the "Ideal Customer Experience"

  • Staff training

  • Optom CPD training

  • Increased customer spend by 84.2% per person

  • Reformatted Practice diary

  • Increased Total appointments by 33%

  • Agreed Partnerships with Kerry GAA "The Official Optical Partner" 

Year 2


Further develop the business


  • Grew Staff numbers from 2 to 6, increase wages.

  • Set up "Kerry Dry Eye Clinic"

  • Commenced Dry eye clinic March 3rd

  • Developed new sales and marketing strategy and plan

  • Reduce patient age profile from 70 yrs plus to 42.3 yrs

  • Increased patient appointments by 39%

  • Introduced Eye care products and developed Hygiene programs

  • Staff training

  • Optom CPD training

  • Further reduced supplier numbers while renegotiating better cost terms.

  • Installed a more efficient telecom system

  • increased turnover and profits by a further 78% 

Year 3


Consolodate yr 1 + yr 2 growth


  • Increased number of Kerry Dry Eye clinics from 10 clinics in '22 to 20 clinics in '23

  •  Increased the technological footprint within the practice.

  • Maintained advertising within in the sales and marketing strategy.

  •  Increase staff number by 1

  • Staff training

  • Optom CPD training

  • Reduced Optoms working days while increasing patient care

  • Currently seeking to hire another Optom

  • Negotiated a fixed term exclusive agreement with HOYA to provide the practice with lenses and equipment. 

  • Identified 2nd practice

  • Develop 5 year business plan and strategy

  • Micro managing all aspects of the business

  • Currently 4.8% above very ambitious turnover and profit target for year end of '23  

  • TBC

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