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Very grateful to have been entrusted by our clients to develop their business, creating new ground breaking partnerships, Developing and implementing the "Ideal Customer Experience". 

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Roger Harty & Kerry GAA Partnership
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RH & Scope
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Kerry Dry Eye Clinic
LilAb Sports Technologies 
Ocular Performance Vision

Ocular Performance Vision Exclusive Endorsement Partnership with HOYA



Kerry Dry Eye Clinic
Niall developed the Kerry Dry Eye Clinic concept on foot of the market research that was carried out by his team to bring essential services to Kerry.  Based on the research outcomes Niall developed the whole clinic concept and has delivered a state of the art  clinic servicing all of munster and beyond. Niall and his team oversaw every detail from development works, to business plan development, to social media and marketing plan, Developing the "ideal Customer experience", to contractual partnerships to delivering the most advanced Analysis, Diagnosis and Treatments to suffers. Since the Clinic was launched in 2022 it has gone from strength to strength delivering amazing results for hundreds of patients.    

LilAb Sports Technologies Ltd

I am delighted to share my experience with Optical Business Consultancy. Optical Business Consultancy was instrumental in developing and securing the company's recent development and acquisition of the master rights for "Ocular Performance Vision" analysis and diagnosis system. This is a game-changer for the sports industry.


As an ex athlete, I know firsthand the importance of visual acuity and performance on the field. The "Ocular Performance Vision" system offered by LilAb Sports Technologies is a revolutionary approach to diagnosing and improving visual performance in sports.


The team at LilAb Sports Technologies is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their work. They took the time to explain the benefits of the "Ocular Performance Vision" service and how it could help me perform at my best.


The Optical Consultancy guided us through a very unique endorsement / partnership agreement with one of the world's leading lens manufacturing company - "HOYA" . This is a ground breaking agreement and we are delighted to have had the support and expert advise from "The Optical Consultancy". I would highly recommend the team at "The Optical Consultancy" if you are serious about your business. 

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